Social media advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising services in the world. We work companies who want to enter fast growth and be the first to market to take the social crown within their industry.




Social Advertisement is a way for your business to get in front of existing and potential customers, drive immediate results through various platforms. It can be hard to understand where to start with your social media strategy and advertising plan as there are so many platform options such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. Advertising on social media is what we love. Posting content and driving followers and likes is nice,  however  Social network ads can be used to drive tangible results and leads. In some cases, the cost per lead is half the cost as a Google Ad as the competition level is currently low and people don’t know what they are doing yet. Let’s make hay while the suns shinning and get to work.

A/B Testing 

Firefly goes the extra mile when it comes to creating multiple ad sets to give your business the possible chance of success. Advertising through social media requires a lot of time and pateience to get right. A set and forget attitude is the easiest way to waste a lot of money in this space and not see results. Test, measure, iterate, test, measure, iterate. We are constantly creating variants of your Facebook and LinkedIN ads. We’ll also test multiple target audiences across the creatives meaning our ads are improving and generating you stronger returns. 


We focus on the ad costs with laser precision and have invested in an external third party Facebook algorithm which stops budget wastage across clicks that never convert into sales. The algorithm we have used when compared to normal, manual run Facebook ad campaigns have improved results by an additional 43%. We also optimise campaigns across platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIN.



Don’t worry about waiting for a monthly report from Firefly, we’ll also give you access to our real-time reporting platform which will show you exactly how we are tracking with custom dashboards built specifically for your campaign. We’ll show you the top performing ads, how they are doing, and how many leads we have generated. We can also bolster on call recording, with live recorded phone call leads specifically from your social media advertising campaigns so you know the real ROI and can make better business decisions.

“Firefly have done so well that their service is the only online service we pay for, and that is not likely to change!”



Facebook is constantly changing it’s ad algorithms. What worked well yesterday, may not work well tomorrow. This means you need to partner with an agency that is dedicated in education, staying at the forefront of social media and investing in social media education to know exactly what’s going on in the social realm. Firefly stays up to date with the latest news, updates, features, and tests against algorithm rollouts to ensure we continue to drive solid returns and results advertising through social media. 


With a range of highly targeted campaign options including targeted demographics, interests, age, gender, location and more, social media advertising is one of the most "bullseye" targeted advertising in the world.


Designed for businesses who want to target the local market
  •  Email support
  •  Monthly 30min Skype meeting to go over monthly progress
  • Up to 2 hours of basic optmisation with our social team per month
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

  • Report portal access

  • Monthly report with key stats and metrics emailed

  • Call recording and portal including 1x number and up to 200 minutes



Designed for businesses who want more leads and faster traction than entry
  • Includes everything from Entry plus:
  • Up to 3 hours of basic optmisation with our social team per month
  • Facebook remarketing
  • Portal and "real-time interactive data" reporting access
  • PPC algorithm proven to increase results on average by 43%


Additional posts on social networks are $50 per post. A setup fee of $490+GST applies to all options which includes persona creation and research, content brainstorm, initial social media platform setup and optimisation.

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