Effective SEO marketing can be the difference between languishing in the depths of Google search and or being on top of page one. 30% of all clicks on a search result will go to the first search result on Google in the organic space, so driving our business to be in position 1 and page 1 across a variety of keywords with buyer intent is a game-change. Firefly are specialists in generating more traffic through to our website, more enquiries, leads and customers.

If you can’t be seen or be found then your website is not working for you. Search engine optimisation for local Wellington businesses is an essential cornerstone marketing strategy to bring in consistent leads, and have forecastable results long-term, month in and month out. SEO is the process of paying for your future and yielding long-term results. Not executing SEO on your website is like creating a world-class event and forgetting to send the invites out. You may have a world-class product, an amazing service that makes customers say WOW, and the best team but if you can’t be seen or found you are Wellington’s best-kept secret!



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SEO Wellington, NZ

Search engine optimisation can sound like “dark magic” but when broken down in laymans-terms, it’s a very simple concept. We help optimise your website to be more relevant and valuable to potential visitors through a variety of focus products or services and Google displays the most relevant and trusted website in it’s search result for the keyword search. Don’t get bogged down by all of the technical aspects of SEO but rather leave the heavy lifting to Firefly and we’ll communicate the results. Our local office in Te Aro has been supporting local businesses over the past 3 years.

We’ve got customers all over Wellington from residential and commercial cleaners in Ngauranga, Kit-set home sellers building in the heart of the city, outdoor retail furniture stores and e-commerce websites and vehicle testing stations in Lower Hutt. Firefly works across a variety of industries that all have the same common trait – they are looking to grow.  and build their business and have focussed on what they do best while leaving their digital marketing strategy and execution to Firefly – specialists in digital marketing.

Come and speak to us for a no-obligation meeting with one of our friendly team and ask for a free SEO audit, we can’t wait to help you.

We have seen amazing results for other businseses in New Zealand including: Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth and Queenstown.