There are over one hundred billion searches on Google per month. Want to turn your website into a predictable lead generating machine? 






If your website is not visible across major search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing you have essentially built an online flyer for your existing customers. Websites should be used to generate awareness, leads and new business, and when done right can do exactly that in a scalable way. Employing an agency to do your SEO work for you can be a big call, which is why we’ve made it easy to partner with Firefly to grow your business. Let us cut through the technical jargon that other marketers try and confuse you with, and break it down with simple, easy to follow language and generate a real return on investment from your website.

The higher a website ranks in search results, the more traffic and leads you are likely to generate through to your website and online. Did you know you can generate up to 30% of the entire search market if you are ranked in position 1 of Google’s organic results? With some keyword searches pulling in over thousands of impressions per month, a targeted keyword ranked in position 1 can be life-changing for businesses and can literally drive flocks of customers to your door improving your profitability! Our SEO NZ based analytics team are ready to get your business results, no matter where you are in the country and what industry you are in.

Here are some typical steps we follow: We brainstorm with you to understand exactly what product or services you want to focus on and generate internal leads for. We complete a 100 point SEO and website audit. Pre-planning is carried out including keyword research, competitor analysis and search demand. On-page optimisation begins to ensure Google understands what each page of your website is focussing on. Off-page optimisation begins to ensure Google trusts your website and you rank. Monitoring and testing through analytics, web-master tools, third party technology and Firefly.




The value of successful SEO is really priceless so organising a technical SEO audit is a very smart business investment. We have seen first hand what successful campaigns can do for our clients, just head on over to our success stories to find out for yourself. Whether you are looking to attract local customers, national customers or take your product internationally ranking on .com we are the right partner to help you get there.




Understanding the complexities of SEO can be mind-boggling for a lot of people. We won’t bog you down with buzz words that you don’t understand but rather backup the technical work carried out with what’s working for you, why we are doing it and focus on the outcomes. Our reports are comprehensive and written monthly sharing the work carried out, the work planned for the next month, your current keyword positions and how we are tracking backed with full Google data of traffic gains, visitor behaviors, leads and conversions.


We also have real-time reporting accessible for all of our client partners, meaning they can login at any time they want to see exactly how there SEO campaign is tracking. Having both real-time reports and manual strategic reports written every month, ensures you have the most transparent and results focussed SEO carried out for your website.

“Find what lights you up, so you can illuminate the world.”



We have helped start-ups, local businesses, multi nationals and international brands rank on, and


Our SEO Audits are a $990 ex. GST investment.

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