Target offers New Zealanders a huge range of the latest designs and traditional favorites in furniture.

When Simpson Western reached out to firefly they were wanting an agency that swallowed their own medicine… after searching SEO COMPANY they found one of firefly’s micro-sites and enquired through. After realising they had come through to firefly agency, Simpsons Western’s GM was impressed and knew we were the right team for the job.

We were first tasked to look at a division of the legal firm that had a lot of capacity – divorce lawyers and relationship property. Simpson Western were not active in the digital marketing space, so we brought it back to basics and crafted a digital strategy that targeted our market across high intent searches across Google, Highly targeted facebook ads focussing on relationship status updates and a remarketing keeping the brand top of mind.

The results have been phenomenal, and as a result, Simpsons Westerns relationship property division is fully booked with no spare capacity, the campaign spend is easily paying for itself and is now a corner stone of the division.

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Our agile marketing approach allows us to select the best services from our arsenal of specialists.
We then package them and deliver a complete and custom solution to meet and exceed your requirements.

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