Do you want your brand on the most popular social media platform in front of a highly targeted audience list? With Facebooks targeted advertising, we’ll get you in front of your ideal customer and get your ideal customer through your doors.




Firefly is a Facebook advertising agency in New Zealand that are helping businesses of all shapes and sizes get in their product or services in front of the right people. Facebook now has over 2,400,000 active users in New Zealand.



Cut through the noise with highly targeted and effective Facebook advertising. With Facebook advertising NZ we are able to get you in front of any demographics or interests and place highly targeted ads in front of highly targteted people who we think may be your next customer. We can target gender, age, martial status, area, location, occupation, interests and more. With this level of data at our finger tips, we can craft multiple messages and campaigns to different demographics and run a series of ads seeing which are more effective. 


Firefly creates multiple ad sets against multiple demographic lists to test and optimise your best performing ads improving your results with the same budget. Effective A/B split testing requires controlled testing environments, skill and dedicated time. Our dedicated social media managers are working around the clock to ensure you are getting the best result for your budget spend. Our Facebook marketing company in Auckland is renowned for impressive results and strong ROI across Facebook for our New Zealand client base.



We’ve tested and spent thousands of dollars crafting our own internal facebook ad campaigns for our own brand and have found impressive technology through third parties which control the bidding cost for your ads. We truely live what we preach. On average the Facebook algorithm increases results by 43%. This technology is now bolstered onto all our clients campaigns and the impact is serious. More clicks, actions and leads from the same budget is achieved while budget wastage is minimised across low performing ads. Don’t let other companies use your budget to test new technology and techniques, we’ve perfected our campaigns and are ready to help accelerate your business growth.



Follow people around who have been and left your website with a targeted Facebook ad in the Facebook platform. From image ads, text and video, we can help close your leaky sales funnel and bring visitors back to your website to take action with a unique offer. Facebook retargeting is a highly effective way to have multiple touch points with your pipeline, keeping your brand top of mind through the buying decision process. Highly effective and very affordable, Facebook retargeting (also known as remarketing) through a tracking pixel should be part of your digital marketing strategy. Chances are you will be remarketed to after leaving our website.

“Firefly’s custom algorithm and online ad systems are second to none.”


Looking to share a photo, major event or story? Drive qualified leads to your website with a product demonstration video on people’s newsfeeds through a targeted demographics list or look a like audiences. Drive more phone calls, create a unique offer with coupon code that can be redeemed on your website, Help people find your business with a paid campaign driving people to Google maps direct to your brick and motar store. Facebook has many options that can help any business in any industry be seen and be found.

Let’s create your success story today.


With a range of highly targeted campaign options including targeted demographics, interests, age, gender, location and more, social media advertising is one of the most “bullseye” targeted advertising in the world.

Additional posts on social networks are $50 per post. A setup fee of $490+GST applies to all options which includes persona creation and research, content brainstorm, initial social media platform setup and optimisation.

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