No one knows more about concrete foundation design than Conqra. From their first days on site, over two decades ago, they have pioneered and perfected the concrete foundation systems used throughout New Zealand. Their blend of hands-on experience with innovation has led to a unique family of concrete foundation products that builders know and trust.



Firefly approached Conqra to help with business growth and offer our digital marketing solutions. Conqra were keen to jump at the opportunity and utilise Google search to capitalise on the inevitable growing demand for Asbestos removal in New Zealand. Firefly set out with clear objectives on what it would take to create a high quality campaign, and drive an outstanding return on investment. We sat down with the client and got to understand the following objectives.



  1. Increase Sales Leads and generate a minimum ROI of 1:5
  2. Increase brand exposure for Conqra in the asbestos removal industry
  3. Gain further customer insights and behaviour through Google Analytics
  4. Gain clear understanding of the leads generated and tracking the success of the campaign and jobs attributed to the AdWords campaign


Firefly built the campaign from the ground up and included the following functions into the search campaign;

Call extensions, Call outs, Structures Snippets, Sitelinks, Geo Focus around Auckland for local business, A/B split testing of ads including mobile ad variants, built a strong negative keyword list.

The campaign was split into 18 ad groups, covering the specific keyword searches across the Asbestos removal market. Each Ad group has specific ads, and keywords to increase quality score and relevance for the searcher.

A total of 58 ads for the campaigns with 4 ads average per ad group.


    The importance of this data above, emphasises the key focus of all call data for service based businesses and the importance to track these events. With the help of automatic algorithm optimisation and expertise with manual optimisation and constant monitoring and tweaks, Firefly were able to get an amazing result for Conqra with a limited budget.

    As a result, Conqra have been able to accelerate their growth through the online space. It’s a pleasure working with the Conqra team.

    Our digital marketing campaign was awarded Firefly as finalist in the 2016 Landy Awards sponsored by Search Engine Land and Google for “The best overall SEM initiative” for small business.





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