In the digital universe, there are many stars. It’s Firefly’s mission to make your star shine brighter. The digital landscape has changed and you can no longer take a siloed approach towards digital marketing. Firefly provides a highly agile digital marketing approach, integrating all digital channels seamlessly, talking to each other and managed by the same team.

“Find what lights you up, so you can illuminate the world.”



Hi, I’m Anthony and In 2014, I setup Firefly in my bedroom with $100 and a 10″ laptop with the help of my co-founder and COO – Marko Kisa. We set up our company in response to what we saw as a broken and flawed industry fill with empty promises and online cowboys and decided enough was enough and it was time to challenge the “Status-quo”. Everyone called us crazy, and the large multi-national agencies laughed as we got to work relentlessly and stopped at nothing until we had built an agency and product we were proud of. Hours of cold calls, door knocking and all of the wrong and hard ways to build a business is what we did in the early days until we got our first bunch of loyal and happy clients. Over time we got better and better and better and put our transparent and results focussed digital strategies into action for more businesses and also ourselves.


Fast forward today, and Firefly is named fastest growing technology business in New Zealand on the Deloitte FAST 500, has won a bunch of other awards and has 18 + digital marketing weapons and nerds who geek out about data and results.

Our unique approach to digital marketing is simple. We provide a full end-to-end agile marketing plan and execution for smart businesses, no hidden fees and transparent campaigns that drive leads and business growth. All campaigns are carefully crafted to work across multiple channels driving towards one singular goal. We back all of this up by state of the art technology, reporting and regular high-level communication so our clients know exactly how they are tracking.


Adaptive to any business, any market environment, competitive landscape, drawing on what digital expertise you need when you need it.


Your engagement with Firefly is entirely scalable. We can do as much or as little as you wish and require. Big or small, we’ve got you covered.

We pride ourselves on talent cultivation and challenging our digital superstars with new problems and exciting goals to strive towards.


For one monthly fee, you are able to draw on countless digital specialists. The FTE equivalent would be considerately more expensive in-house.

Firefly is your dedicated team of digital strategists, social media experts, growth hackers, Google specialists, designers, coders, developers & more…


When you engage with Firefly, you are literally plugging into years and years of passion, experience and testing with some of the best digital marketing minds in the country to help reach your goals.

To build an internal team and bring them up to the same level, this would literally cost you in excess of $500,000+ per yer in overheads (salary of 5 specialists + training)

Smart businesses choose us as an extension of them and have all of their digital marketing managed by one fixed monthly fee, working out to a fraction of that cost without any of the headaches of hiring and recruiting, management, training and the simple truth that the best talent typically don’t want to work on only 1 brand.




Firefly’s vision can be summed up in a sentence. “To educate and impact the global business community by enabling them to create more opportunity and grow through digital marketing”. And we think we’re succeeding.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses shine their light brighter in the digital space in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.  We’re ready to help light up the world and help your business too.


Anthony Baxter and Marko Kisa founded Firefly in 2014. The company was developed in Anthony’s spare bedroom, with no money, no investment and no backers.From their humble beginnings, we set out on a colossal mission. “To be trusted as the best digital marketing company in the world” and we won’t stop until we get there.

“Our values are our guiding light for every decision we make.”



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